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Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Blockchain is a distributed system that recording and storing transactions. Transactions have to be confirmed by system in a process called mining.

Each transaction can consider as a block and stored in shared ledger. Each block includes hash which is an identifier. Records are unchangeable because every block is linked to the previous block by including hash. Blockchain improves of person-centered care. Medical staff can operate their activities with Blockchain and AI. Use case scenarios provide support to data in healthcare networks and continuity of special care pathways. IoT and Blockchain reduce unnecessary visits to emergency and occurrence of events that can lead to hospitalization.

Patients can collect their data automatically with connecting to other hospitals. Blockchain system divided in four part; public, private, consortium and hybrid. Medical staffs can range different parameters for diverse type of data. Patients can manage their own health data with Blockchain technology. Blockchain provides effective quality healthcare, reduces medical error and workload of medical staff. It improves collaboration between healthcare institutions. Blockchain is empowering healthcare accessibility for patients with developing technology. 


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