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Usage Areas of Robots in Healthcare

Usage areas of robots are surgical assistants, medical transportation, sanitation and disinfection, robotic prescription dispensing systems, blood - drawing and neurosurgery. Robots can assist surgery. Robots are used for precision operations. Advances in brain - machine connectivity improve exoskeletons. They help patients get into and out of bed. Nanorobots can deliver medicine in a targeted way with swimming in b ody fluid. When Origami robot is swallowed, capsule dissolves in the stomach and opens. It is controlled by a technician with magnetic fields, it closes wounds in the stomach and remove foreign materials such as swallowed toys. Social companion robots are aiming to cheer up and being company to patients. Robots are used for disinfecting hospitals’ equipment and room. Robots can carry food to room for patients. Also, they can perform lab tests without people.

Doctors can have more time to deal with issuesthat need human intervention.Some robots return their charging place after completed their task and get readyfor the next task. Staff can check their patients’ remotely with robots withouthome visiting. Robots provides better patient experience. Robotscan improvequality of healthcare and quality of equipment.


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