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Amatis has been offering different solutions from the software world for over 20 years. With its experience, Amatis enables you to make a difference in your sector with digital solutions that custom made for you.

Our E-commerce and retail solutions

Amatis provides custom made technological solutions for E-commerce and retail sectors industries.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.
This reimagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation. Amatis prepares your company for digital transformation for the e-commerceand retail industries.

Billing and payments

With the online trade volume that is developing day by day, online invoicingand payments have gained great importance today. Accordingly, modern and fast payment and invoicing systems of companiesprovide them great advantages. For accurate and fast data management,Amatis sets up digital billing and payment systems specific to your company.

Stock & Ordering Systems

With the Covid-19 pandemic, it was once again understood why companies' stock controls and order systems are important. Especially in the first monthsof the pandemic, the problems experienced in supply created serious problems for companies and countries.With the stock and ordering systems that Amatis will create for your business, you can easily adapt to all conditions and minimize your risks.

Smart Digital Stores

The Smart Digital Store brings together the customer, the store employee, the product and the physical store itself. This new generation shopping experience is thought to be the shopping habit of the future. Amatis develops smart digital stores for your company and enables you to stand out in your sector with these stores.

Supply Chain & Operations

Supply chain operations include the systems, structures and processes to plan and execute the flow of goods and services from supplier to customer. Amatis develops the suitable supply chain and operations in line with the capacities of the companies, enables them to create competitive advantage in their sectors, to grow profitably and to minimize their risks.

Custom solutions for sectors

Delivering highly scalable, secure and reliable digital solutions that streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Amatis provides technological solutions.

We deliver innovations for
Online shopping companies
Financial market data suppliers
Logistics Companies
Telecommunication companies
Ready-to-wear industry

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