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We empower our clients for financial, banking, insurance, and wealth management organizations with pragmatic technology solutions.  

We can reshape the finance sector together

With our experience, we offer pragmatic technology solutions for finance, banking, insurance and wealth management organizations. Our industry consultancy coupled with digital and tech engineering can help you appreciate the power of your data. Increase the productivity of your business, upgrade the user experience of your customers and promote product perception across the newest digital channels with Amatis.

Our Fintech solutions

Our clients from financial, banking, insurance, and wealth management organizations can use our pragmatic technology solutions for Fintech.

Eliminate business risks

Use technology to improve operations in finance with fintech and minimize the risk with the solutions that we will find for your company.

Enrich customer experiences

Improve the customer experience positively with innovative approaches.

Deliver value-added services

Value-added helps explain why companies are able to sell their goods or services for more than they cost to produce.

Automate processes

Amatis automates your business processes and makes you stand out in your industry.

Integrate third-party services

Amatis develops industry-specific third-party services for your company.

Gain insights from Big Data

Big Data Analytics help you identify opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity, and potential business opportunities

Custom solutions for sectors

Delivering highly scalable, secure and reliable digital solutions that streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Amatis provides perfect combination of technical skill and financial knowledge.

We deliver innovations for
Insurance companies
Payment processors
Loan and credit service providers
Wealth management institutions
Investment and commercial banks
Exchange and brokerages
Mortgage banks
Financial market data suppliers

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