Sleep apnea Device-free sleep apnea detection with our experience in ECG analysis and artificial intelligence supported systems.

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. It occurs when the throat muscles relax or the brain does not send appropriate signals to the muscles that control breathing.

AMATIS OSAS: AI Based Diagnosis Software Architecture

AMATIS aims to diagnose OSAS with a new product to be developed soon. This project has been developed for tele-health systems and is carried out by analyzing the ECG signal obtained from the Holter recorder. The most important source of information is the QRS complex inside the ECG, Which represents the electrical activation that causes the ventriculars to contract and expel blood from the heart muscle. The R-peak is the point of greatest amplitude in the ECG signal. When extracting heartbeats, these peaks are marked on the ECG. For this purpose, our team extracts the time, frequency and geometric domain features of the RR intervals extracted from the ECG signal.

With the rapid and accurate diagnosis of OSAS from the ECG signal, the above-mentioned complaints of the patients will be treated in a very short time. Because the delay in the diagnosis causes the progression of the disease.

As a result, OSAS diagnosis from ECG means that individuals regain their health and get rid of long diagnosis processes.

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