Transportation and Logistic

We provide custom software solutions for transportation and logistic industries.

We can reshape the Transportation and Logistic sectors together.

Our industry consultancy coupled with digital and tech engineering can help you appreciate the power of your data. Increase the productivity of your business, upgrade the user experience of your customers and promote product perception across the newest digital channels with Amatis.

Our transportation and logistic solutions

Amatis provides custom made technological solutions for transportation and logistic industries.

Fleet management
and operations

Effective fleet management helps you reduce fuel costs, optimize routes, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Keep your fleet in top shape, identifying maintenance opportunities beforethey become problems with Amatis solutions.

Field Workforce Management and Accountability

Field operations can be a risky and costly operation for many companies. Investing in field service management, which includes many different structures from communication to energy and production, provides companies with great savings and opportunities.

Warehouse and
shipment operations

Warehouse processes comprise receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing,shipping. Amatis optimize all warehouse processesand be assured every shipment arrives on time and every truck is carrying
a full load.

Comprehensive custom reports

A custom report is a report that you create. You pick the dimensions and metrics and decide how they should be displayed.Improve business visibility with in-depth, data-driven insights in near-real-time.

Vendors and contractor management

Managing your organization’s supply chain requires building and maintaining excellent supplier relationships.From progress and inventory tracking to payment management, streamline your relationships with vendors and contractors with Amatis solutions.

Custom solutions for sectors

Delivering highly scalable, secure and reliable digital solutions that streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Amatis provides perfect combination of technical skill and financial knowledge.

We deliver innovations for
International transport companies
Cargo Transportation Services Providers
Logistics Companies
Digital logistics companies
Freight Forwarders Companies
Foreign trade companies

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