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Our know-how brings out the value of artificial intelligence in several sectors.

Amatis provides AI application and software modernization services with the experience of years. We develop a decision support system, using artificial intelligence to modernize software. With artificial intelligence support instead of a human-based approach, it not only saves time, but also helps to provide more effective conclusions. With the AI algorithms, machine learning and deep learning methods developed by Amatis, ECG analyzes are reported in a short time, enabling the analyzers to make the correct diagnosis and directing the patient to the right healthcare institution.

Our other artificial intelligence theme, AI supported dermatology solution uses a machine-learning algorithm based on ensembling deep learning models. Deep models have been trained using a dermoscopic imaging database containing tens of thousands of examples that have confirmed diagnosis and assessment by dermatologists.

Different from the traditional ABCDE(asymmetry, boundary, color, diameter, and change over time) features, our AI-based solution distinguishes between benign and malignant tumors by considering thousands of deeply extracted features.

Regardless of your industry, by making use of artificial intelligence, you can achieve a more effective working environment and save time and money.

Our solutions

Diagnose with AI support

Amatis provides faultless diagnosis with deep learning and artificial intelligence support decision systems.

Trend Analysis

Analyze the trend of the market or analysis of the future based on past performance results make the best decisions for your company with artificial intelligence support. 

Asset Risk Prediction

Make a difference by using your company's assets in the most effective way, thanks to artificial intelligence supported asset risk management.

Data Identification and Analysis

Our data identification and data analysis services with AI support can assist you to identify unstructured information that canpotentially harm your business.

Possible Lost and Profit Estimation

Predict your profit or loss your company can make withour artificial intelligence solutions and take your position accordingly.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing customers into groups based on common characteristics, so companies can market to each group effectively.

AI solutions for sectors

Amatis delivers innovations for
Healthcare sectors
Energy sectors
Financial sectors
Educational Services Providers
Construction industry
Ready to wear sectors
Production sector

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